The following Limited Warranties are given only to the original retail purchaser, subject to all terms and conditions below. These Limited Warranties are non-transferable:

Sofa Industries (the Warrantor), subject to all the limitations and exclusions described in these Limited Warranties, warrants the following parts against material manufacturing defects for the duration set forth next to that product or part in the table below.


Product Parts Limited Warranty Duration
Frames and springs used in upholstered products* Limited Lifetime Warranty*
Seat Cushioning**

Means each cushion core in a seat cushion

1 year Limited Warranty**
Upholstery Fabric*** 1 year Limited Warranty***
Show Wood**** 1 year Limited Warranty****


*As used in these Limited Warranties, “lifetime” means the normal useful life of the product under reasonable use.

**All seat cushion cores will soften with normal use and will conform to the same of the user. This shall be considered normal wear, and shall not be considered a loss of resiliency or a material manufacturing defect.

***The upholstery Fabric Limited Warranty does not cover tears, flattening or nap, fading, exposure to sun, piling, dye transfers, damage due to improper cleaning, liquid spills, animal damage or shrinking and is not valid when heavy soiling or abuse is evident. Warranty is void if chemical treatment is used.

****The Show Wood Limited Warranty only covers original paint peeling and does not cover scratches or cracks. Warranty is void if original paint is retouched.


Remedy – Under these Limited Warranties, for all product parts, the sole liability of Warrantor is limited to repair. New product will not be given to replace damaged product. REFUNDS ARE NOT AVAILABLE.


Claim Procedure

To obtain warranty services, the original retail purchaser must comply with the requirements of this claim procedure.

Contact the Jonar® authorized retailer from whom you purchased your furniture, to obtain warranty service. All claims must include the original bill of sale, and be filled within the applicable warranty period. You must make arrangements with the retailer to schedule the transportation of the furniture from your home to the retailer and from the retailer to your home.


Warranty does not apply to non-residential uses or display model.


Any item repaired under this Limited Warranties will be covered the Limited Warranties for the remainder of the original warranty period only.